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Purchasing Sculptures

Since each sculpture is custom built and welded by hand, each sculpture is unique.

Most of the sculptures can be scaled up or down, and built at a medium size, life size or larger.

The sculptures shown are made with 304 grade stainless steel. I am working on a new sculpture with steel to test the feasibility of powder coating the sculpture with colors.

Most of the sculptures are designed to hang and be allowed to rotate, there are also options for motorized hanging or rotating pedestal mounts. I have fabricated several design options for different stands that can be used to support the sculptures.

I am presently designing a few sculptures that can be free standing.

The options for finishing the sculpture is by hand polishing or electropolishing, which creates an even brighter luster with the sculpture. Electropolishing the sculpture is limited by the size of the sculpture, also creates an added cost to the sculpture.

There are several options for the delivery and installation of the sculpture.  Crating and shipping costs are additional charges.

I am currently working on several new designs that will be available.

Please contact me for more information.